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Tattoo removal

The decision about making a tattoo is often dictated by impulse, some events in life or simply fashion. Often, after years, tattoos do not seem to be quite important, they interfere in career or no longer fit to the person who has them. We regret that on the spur of the moment we made a tattoo. A huge part of tattooed people dream of erasing tattoos from memory, and… From their own body. Is it possible? Yes, by using the laser. Complete removal of a tattoo takes time. The result is also determined by the used dyes and the depth of their introduction. Generally, the treatment results in approximately 20% of tattoo brightening, and eventually in removal. Then, the unwanted memories and concerns about the negative perception through the prism of a visible tattoo will disappear.

Effective solutions

  • Laserotherapy
laser tattoo removal

Q-Switch laser

Laser breaks tattoo pigment into very small parts, which are then neutralized and removed naturally from the body. At the same time immunological processes of the skin are stimulated, which forces skin to faster recovery.

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