• Doctor Agnieszka Budzyńska - plastic surgeon

    Agnieszka Budzyńska graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at Jagiellonian University in Cracow. She is a specialist in Plastic Surgery with 20 years of experience. She systematically improves her qualifications through participation in symposia, conferences and courses in the field of microsurgery or aesthetic surgery. She is a member of the Polish Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery and Polish Society of Burns Treatment. Agnieszka Budzyńska performs dermatological procedures such as removal of mole, subcutaneous nodules, warts, sebaceous cysts, xanthelasma, fibromas and oncoplastic – removal of skin neoplastic changes. Additionally, she deals with the postoperative and post-traumatic scars.

    “I had a postoperative scars correction performed by Dr Budzyńska and I am very happy with the results. The doctor did it just as I dreamed. She is the best surgeon I know. Moreover, she is very nice, warm and understanding person who treats the patient as her friend. “- opinion of the patient at

  • Dr n. Med. Lidia Majewska - aesthetic medicine

    Lidia Majewska is a certified doctor of aesthetic medicine and an expert in the field of facial aesthetics. She graduated from Collegium Medicum of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. She also graduated from the Postgraduate School of Aesthetic Medicine of Polish Medical Association and from postgraduate studies in the field of aesthetic medicine in the Cracow School of Health Promotion. She developed her skills through participation in numerous national and international courses and trainings in the area of aesthetic medicine, including the International Master Course on Aging Skin. She is a member of the Polish Society of Aesthetic Medicine. She has many years of experience in advanced treatments practice. She specializes in treatments in the field of rejuvenation, revitalization and correction of the skin as well as in the face shape modeling. Besides medical practice, she is also a respected lecturer and trainer.

  • Mgr Aneta Krzan - cosmetologist

    She graduated from university with honors. She has 8 years of professional experience. Her research work concerning the effectiveness of laser hair removal in case of idiopathic hirsutism was published in the Aesthetic Cosmetology journal. She is particularly interested in the use of the latest technologies in aesthetic cosmetic treatments. She broadens her knowledge by participating in numerous conferences and trainings.

  • Mgr Anna Cymerman - cosmetologist

    She graduated from university with honors. She has 4 years of professional experience. She is an expert in medical scrubs with special emphasis on the problem of pigmentation lesions. She is the author of the work on the skin metabolism of depigmenting substances. She broadens her knowledge by participating in numerous conferences and trainings. The greatest joy for her is the customers’ satisfaction with the effects of their treatments.

  • Aleksandra Rudy-linergist

    She graduated from Cracow School of Make-up and Film Stage Make-up FAM as well as FACE ART School of Make-up by Marcin Szczepaniak in Cracow. She is a licensed lingerie of the prestigious German company LONG TIME LINER. Aleksandra Rudy is a laureate of ELITE POLISH CHAMPIONSHIP in Permanent Make-up LONG TIME LINER in 2017. She completed a series of permanent make-up trainings at the renowned BROADWAY BEAUTY school.

    “Mrs. Ola in 3 words: professional with a steady hand and good taste! She can advise and knows her profession very well! I highly recommend! “- opinion of patient – Angelika

  • Michał Tkacz- personal trainer

    He graduated from University of Physical Education in Cracow. Michał Tkacz is a certified personal trainer who understands overweight people well because he has struggled with this problem by himself. Within 6 months he reduced his weight by 50 kg. The combination of education, numerous trainings and personal experience helps him with choosing an ideal training program for every client. He has completed many prestigious and international courses including: FMS Certified Trainer and Train Movement.

  • MSc. Bozena Mrugała - manager

    She graduated from university with honors. She has 3 years of professional experience in the beauty industry. Her hobbies are cosmetics- their composition, use, proper selection. She is the author of work on performance and the rheological properties of whey proteins in cosmetics. Customer service is her passion. She likes working with people and she enthuses others.