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Surgery, cesarean sections, difficult to heal wounds, burns or acne often leave a lifelong mark in the form of scars. In most cases, their treatment is not the simplest. Treatment is long-lasting and requires patience from patients. This can be difficult, because scars are a huge psychological problem, especially those located in the visible places. Scars pay other people attention, lead to embarrassment and even low self-esteem. There are also scars which can cause pain, limit range of motion or impede daily activities. Depending on the type of scar and its origin an experienced specialist in aesthetic dermatology is
able to select the appropriate therapy / treatment in order to eliminate a scar or significantly improve its appearance.

Effective solutions

  • Aesthetic medicine
  • Aesthetic dermatology
  • Aesthetic cosmetic

Laser iPIXEL

Laser Harmony iPIXEL to najnowocześniejszy zabieg do usuwania i korekcji nawet bardzo głębokich blizn.


Laser CO2

Bezbolesny i bezpieczny zabieg laserowy na blizny o potwierdzonej wysokiej skuteczności działania.


Mesotherapy micro

To niechirurgiczny, bezpieczny i najbardziej naturalny zabieg liftingujący.


Ferulac Peel

Peeling medyczny najnowszej generacji o działaniu depigmentacyjnym, antyoksydacyjnym i anti-aging.

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