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Pendulous brests

You can argue whether nicer breasts are small or large but certainly we know that this attribute of femininity should not be neglected. Women want to have breasts always plump and firm. Unfortunately, with age and with the loss of collagen, breasts lose their elasticity. Genes, breast-feeding, rapid process of losing weight or lifestyle are also against them. Under the influence of these factors the breast tissue decreases and loses its shape. Breasts are sagging which adversely affects the well-being, becomes the source of complexes and dissatisfaction. Modern women know that nature is worth a little help so they bravely benefit from efficient and effective cosmetic procedures by which they recover their femininity.

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  • Aesthetic medicine

Nici PDO

Sensational effectiveness of the treatment provides a synergy of two mechanisms. This causes mechanical lift and tension and stimulates the natural production of collagen.

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