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Local obesity

Fat in the body plays very useful role and is essential for its proper functioning. Unfortunately, adipose tissue is often locally deposited in excess and genetic factors, poor nutrition, hormonal disorders, low physical activity contribute to this. Gender is also important – women have 5-8% more adipose tissue than men. It is a fact that the excess of fat, especially in the places around the waist, chin, shoulder or knee, is mainly a women’s nuisance. The loss of adipose tissue excess used to be a great challenge for women but today – in the pursuit of perfect figure or better well-being – effective treatments may be of help. The treatments in combination with a healthy lifestyle will bring dream effect.

Effective solutions

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    VelaShape III

    Revolutionary VelaShape III technology ensures permanent and visibly slimmer silhouette after just one treatment. The body girth is reduced by 2-7 cm, and the skin becomes visibly firm and smooth.

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