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Grey complexion

Grey can be beautiful but… Not on the face. There is nothing worse for our appearance than the gray skin lacking brightness. The ideal is healthy and shiny complexion so to gray we say “no.” Unfortunately, the gray color of the skin can occur at any age… The reason? External and internal factors: lifestyle, stress, illness, poor care. The most common cause of gray skin is thick layer of dead cells that appear on its surface. Roughly every 28 days skin is renewed and new cells take place of the old ones. Sometimes, however, this natural process of removing dead cells from the skin is disturbed. The skin becomes uneven, gray and loses its glow which gives us years. How to improve its color? Changing the lifestyle and regular treatments, which guarantee perfect results, can help.

Effective solutions

  • Laserotherapy
  • Cosmetology

CO2 fractional laser

Fractional Laser is a safe and painless rejuvenating treatment. The treatment results in a clear face lift, and the skin becomes visibly tighter, smoother and more radiant.


iPIXEL laser

Treatment, which results in a clear skin rejuvenation, reducing wrinkles and visible face lift. Treatment with laser is safe.


ClearLift laser

Effective and lasting treatment that rejuvenates and rebuilds the skin. Immediate lifting effect is the result of the use of the laser in the deep layers of the skin.

Ferulac Peel

Ferulac Peel

The latest generation medical peeling of antioxidant and anti-aging effects. By the use of nanotechnology the effect of deeper penetration of active ingredients was achieved.

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