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Dry skin

Dry skin, in more than 40% of cases, is the main reason for dermatologist visits. Most often it appears in the most exposed places – hands, feet, elbows and face. Very dry, pulled, rough skin gives a sense of discomfort and unaesthetic appearance. Such state corresponds to the loss of moisture and reduce of the skin’s ability to retain water due to the shortage of moisturizing ingredients. What affects it? Both external factors resulting from our environment and improper skin care as well as internal factors, e.g. genetic ones. Also age matters. Even at thirties the skin has less ability to produce sweat and lipids. The water content is also reduced. This results in dehydration of the skin and formation of fine lines and wrinkles. Dry skin can be temporary and changing the care habits is enough for skin to recover a healthy look. If, however, it is not the case or the problem is related to age, you should think about the appropriate treatment which restores smooth and light skin as well as healthy and youthful appearance.

Effective solutions

  • Cosmetology
  • Aesthetic medicine
kwas hialuronowy

hialuronic acid

It is used for skin regeneration and rejuvenation. It provides an increase in skin moisturizing and in depth and long-lasting hydration.

mezoterapia mikroigłowa

microneedle mesotherapy

This is a non-surgical, safe and the most natural lifting treatment. Interruption of the bonds between the epidermal cells in the upper layers of the skin causes dermabrasion effect, making the skin smoother and more radiant.

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