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Cellulite – the eternal problem because of which 85% of women over the age of 20 spend sleepless nights. It refers to both overweight people and those with an appropriate body weight – regardless of age. It occurs primarily due to the impairment of metabolic processes in the subcutaneous tissue and microcirculation disorders. Its formation is also related to improper lifestyle. Cellulite occurs in the areas with a high content of adipose tissue: stomach, hips, buttocks and arms. It may constitute a health problem but for many women it is primarily aesthetic defect which is difficult to remove by traditional solutions. Fortunately, there are now available modern treatments that in a quick and safe way may fulfill women’s dreams about a beautiful, smooth skin.

Effective solutions

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    VelaShape III

    Revolutionary VelaShape III technology ensures permanent and visibly slimmer silhouette after just one treatment. The body girth is reduced by 2-7 cm, and the skin becomes visibly firm and smooth.

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