Dietetic products that will make you fat

Summer is coming. You start to think about vacation, beautiful sandy beach and an ideal swimsuit. Your New Year’s resolution is that this year your holiday figure will be perfect, and in a dress that you did not dare to wear in the previous season, you will look insanely. You are planning a diet and in the store you automatically reach for everything that has the inscription ‘light’ on the label. It’s a mistake!

“Sugar free”.

These products usually have a reduced (or zero) sugar and fat content. The first one is usually replaced by sweeteners, such as, for example, aspartame or acesulfame K. Also xylitol or maltitol are used and they are not digested by us. Sometimes the producers use ignorance of consumers and in the composition of “sugar free” foods we can find fructose, meaning nothing more than sugar naturally found in fruit. You do not have to give up sweeteners completely, but you need to be moderate and use common sense. Sweetener is very often artificially manufactured chemical product. Eating it in excessive amounts can have the same bad effect on our health as eating a regular sugar. The use of aspartame for cooking or baking is not recommended. Above 100 degrees Celsius it produces harmful substances for the body, whereas after adding it to a hot drink, formic acid is formed. It is often included in diet drinks. Taking certain sweeteners in excessive amounts may result in diarrhea, digestive problems and headaches. However, using sweeteners can be also positive – they are sweeter than sugar, and do not fatten or increase the level of glucose, so they can be used by diabetics. It is worth paying attention to their natural substitutes, such as stevia, the advantage of which is the fact that it is suitable for cooking, because during thermal processing it does not emit harmful substances.

Essential fat.

Most people on the diet are mistakenly convinced that eating foods rich in fat results in weight gain. However, fat in food is not the same as fat under the skin. By limiting it, we can lead to serious damage to health. It is essential for the proper body functioning, such as the endocrine system. It has many important functions: it allows energy storage, is a building material of cell membranes and white mass of the brain, affects the cardiovascular efficiency and the skin and nails condition. It is responsible for the absorption of vitamins such as A, D, E and K, which are dissolved in fats. Most people are afraid of fats because of their slanderous cholesterol. It is worth mentioning, however, that there are two types of cholesterol – good (HDL) and bad (LDL). The first one is very important – thanks to it Vitamin D is synthesized, some hormones are produced, and the normal digestive process is maintained. It also helps in the LDL reduction process. We provide good cholesterol to the body by eating nuts, cranberries, garlic, bitter chocolate, olive oil, fatty fish and drinking red wine.

Calories are uneven.

Do you know what would happen if you only eat diet foods for a month? This has been investigated and the results are surprising. The experiment was carried out on rats by scientists from the University of Georgia. They were fed with skimmed products, which at the same time contained more sugar than those with a standard fat content – which is also often the case in the “light” products we consume. Animals and their food were divided into three groups: the first – with a low-fat diet and high sugar content, the second – with a high fat and sugar diet, the third – with a balanced diet. After 4 weeks, the compositions of their bodies were examined. Of course, groups who consumed more sugars gained weight. But what is the most surprising? That the level of body fat in rats whose diet contained fewer fats increased twice as fast! They did not consume more calories from rats, whose diet was balanced, but still gained more weight. So we can draw the conclusion that you cannot eliminate healthy fats, and calories are uneven – more important than their quantity is the quality of products consumed by us. It is also worth mentioning that in case of rats consuming more sugar, liver damage was also noted. In addition, in those with a diet containing less fat, more bacteria were found in the gut. Overuse of sugar can lead to inflammation in the digestive tract and in the brain, which in turn may disrupt the process responsible for satiety and lead to notorious overeating.

A healthy method for a beautiful figure.

Mindless replacing full-value products with those with the word “light”, can lead to health damage, which later will be difficult to repair. As a consequence, instead of losing weight, we can start gaining it. The best way to achieve your dream figure is a healthy, balanced diet. We should provide to the body all necessary macro and microelements. A good solution is to visit a well-known dietitian who, after performing a specialist examination, will arrange a menu adapted to us. Physical activity is equally important. The increase in muscle mass has a significant impact on the metabolism, which helps to get rid of unnecessary fat. Nowadays, we also face professional slimming treatments. Dr. Legrand Clinic offers slimming using a modern VellaShape device that simultaneously helps to get rid of annoying cellulite. The fat tissue is heated to a temperature that causes its permanent destruction. At the same time the collagen is renewed, making the skin firmer and more elastic. The temperature is constantly controlled, as a result of which the treatment is fully effective and safe. The effects are visible after the first treatment. Visit Dr. Legrand Clinic and find out that slimming can be easy and pleasant.