Skin more dry than usual

In winter, the problem of dry skin intensifies. Air pollution, heating and frost have a significant impact on the deterioration of its condition. In case of dehydration, skin can crack or even break, although we can usually deal with it by proper care. What if; however, it becomes more dry than usual and there are changes that persist for a long time, with which we have not dealt so far? This is a sign that you should consult a dermatologist.

If the skin is flaky, red, breaks, itches, and additionally is covered by an alarming silver net, it may indicate psoriasis. In this case, besides itching we may even feel burning of the skin. Characteristic changes, which can occur anywhere on the body, are visible as dead epidermis, red and convex spots, blisters or rashes. However, the symptoms are often not identical, which is why the diagnosis is so important. Difficult to distinguish from psoriasis is atopic dermatitis, also known as eczema. Its symptom is also red and itchy cutaneous condition, also known as atopic eczema. They appear in places of contact with the allergen.

There can be many reasons for drying of the epidermis. These include low temperatures, sunrays, air conditioning and heating, too hot baths, poor nutrition or hormonal problems. In contrast, psoriasis is a disease of the immune system. It causes disturbances of the natural skin’s life cycle. The skin of a healthy person matures and dies after about a month, whereas in case of illness – after 3-4 days. The cause of atopy is also associated with immunology irregularities as well as with allergens. When the immune system determines that there is something sensitizing on the skin or inside the body, it begins to defend itself against danger. In this way, it causes inflammation. Both diseases are hereditary; however, they are not contagious, so you cannot get infected by touch or contact with the things of a person suffering from any of the above ailments.

Accurate care with appropriate cosmetics, summer showers, use of humidifiers and professional care treatments make the skin beautiful and nourished. The best method is prevention and not leading to dry out the skin. In case of psoriasis, professional medical care is necessary, which will slow down the accelerated process of epidermal necrosis and eliminate inflammation, while prevention in this case is impossible. The disease goes through cycles – after the active phases that last for weeks or months, a remission phase comes. These periods are difficult to predict, however, certain factors, such as some medications, stress or low temperature, can cause relapse. Nevertheless, they are an individual matter. At present, it is also impossible to completely cure AD. You can only ease the symptoms by using anti-inflammatory ointments, appropriate medications or phototherapy.

Dry skin can be a temporary problem or an important signal that should never be underestimated. In case when the use of cosmetics and treatments is not enough, and changes visible on the body cause anxiety, you should consult a specialist as soon as possible.