How to take care of the couperose-prone skin?

What is the couperose-prone skin?

Couperose-prone skin is a type of a very delicate, shallow vascularized skin with not much elastic blood vessels. Blush is a natural thing, especially for women. Conversation with a handsome man, shameful situation, nerves, low temperatures, all these make our cheeks blush. By increasing body pressure, low temperature, exercise and even spicy spices, our body pumps more blood into our face and the vessels that are in it. In case of normal skin, the vessels immediately constrict and the blush stops to be visible. However, when our vessels lack elasticity, the constricting process becomes more difficult, which gives the effect of continuous redness.

What can ignorance of couperose-prone skin cause?

Ignoring the problem of the couperose-prone skin by thinking that “it is just how we look” we risk much more serious and difficult to treat diseases. The first of these is, of course, a continuous increase in the number of broken vessels, and thus increase the area and intensity of blush. Its color will go from pink to red and even begin to fall into tones close to claret and violet! It will cover not only the area around the nose and cheeks, but also the forehead and the rest of the face. Such a large number of broken vessels, which has not been treated for a long time, is very difficult to remove. Rosacea can also develop in us. It combines excessive redness with too big production of sebum and often with forming papules, pimples and even nodules, which are still in an inflammatory state.

What to avoid when you have couperose-prone skin?

Most of all, it is important to remember that the couperose-prone skin is very delicate. With that in mind, we can enumerate some specific factors that should be avoided in order not to aggravate the condition of our skin.

Wash your face with hot water

Alcohol and spicy dishes

Leaving the house without a good UV filter


Unfavorable weather (frost, heavy windy, high temperature)

Irritant ingredients in cosmetics such as menthol, alcohol, mint, eucalyptus oil and AHA and BHA.

Granular peels

How to take care of your couperose-prone skin at home?

Takin care of the couperose-prone skin should primarily focus on three key aspects:

Increasing elasticity and tightness of the skin by using cosmetics containing vitamin K and C

Strengthening the natural skin barrier, increasing its toughness by intensive moisturizing, and using reinforcing ingredients such as vitamin B3 or aloe.

Gentle brightening of the skin, for example with arbutin or extract from the root of licorice.

The most effective way for the couperose-prone skin?

Creams and home remedies should only be the means of preventing the formation of further vessels. They are not able to improve the aggravated condition of the skin. For this task, a professional treatment using the Dye-Vl technology will be the best solution, which will permanently close the opened vessels. Harmony Dye-Vl is available in our clinic, thanks to the narrow beam of light it will close all problematic vessels. At the same time, thanks to its revitalizing properties, it will increase the production of collagen, which will increase the elasticity and resistance of the skin. This will prevent the development of subsequent vessels or recurrence of the old ones. Already after the first treatment, you will notice a significant difference, especially in case of the single, cracked vessels. However, to get rid of the blush, it is best to use a series of treatments.