How to keep a young appearance?



Three aspects of the young appearance

Keeping the young face appearance depends on three aspects:


Lack of discoloration

Lack of wrinkles

Dry skin is disposed to wrinkles and loss of elasticity. In order to maintain a young appearance, we should focus on the above three points: maintaining a deep skin hydration, reducing the visibility of discoloration and wrinkles.

First of all hydration!

Moisturized face skin is almost a guarantee of young appearance! Moistened skin is more resistant to the passage of time. Wrinkles do not appear on the face, skin keeps firmness and young appearance. It is less disposed to blemishes, discoloration and emerging of enlarged vessels. In short, moisturized skin is a healthy and happy skin!

Well-suited creams and serums are a great way to keep our skin healthy. From time to time, it is worth taking advantage of treatments such as GeneO or cavitation peeling which will facilitate the absorption of daily moisturizing cosmetics.


Purification is not only a deep peel done once a week. First, it is daily and thorough care to remove the dead epidermis and to better absorb active ingredients.

To keep a young look for long time, it is absolutely unacceptable to go to sleep without a thoroughly removed makeup! The skin is contaminated, it cannot breathe freely and as a result, we increase the risk of wrinkles and other imperfections emerging. Many of us use only micellar water as a makeup remover, which is a mistake! The micellar water itself will not thoroughly clean our skin. After its application, it is recommended to use a facial cleanser and toner to restore the skin’s pH.

Especially in autumn cleansing treatments based on chemical peels such as Ferulac Peel are recommended. Less UV radiation at this time allows us to thoroughly cleanse the skin with a minimized risk of irritation.


Tight and elastic skin will always look young. Wrinkles will not be visible and oval will remain sharp and clear, which significantly emphasizes the young look. The first signs of flabby skin are visible when you are 25 years old! So preventive actions should be taken as early as possible.

Autumn is a perfect moment for deep lifting and skin revitalization with the help of ClearLift and IPixel laser treatments.

The inside counts

Diet is an indispensable element to maintain a beautiful appearance and good skin condition, as well as our well-being and general health condition.

Nothing will replace a good sleep, a balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables, and avoiding stress.

Crow’s feet

It is said that the eyes are the mirror of the soul, and the fact is that you can read a lot from them. But if we take care of the skin properly, we will certainly not read the age.

Crow’s feet, so the wrinkles appearing in the corners of the eyes and shadows under the eyes are some of the first signs of aging. We often see them when we are 20 years old! Every conscious woman knows that we should prevent wrinkles just at that age.

Revitalizing treatments such as IPixel, Clear Lift or CO2 fractional lasers are perfect for this purpose. A great solution will also be the innovative platelet-rich plasma lifting. Every woman will find a satisfying treatment tailored to her skin needs.

As far as the young appearance is concerned, there is no need to wait, you have to act, and the best is firmly and effectively!