How to take care of the skin after the age of fifty?


How we look at the age of fifty depends on many factors. First, we have to take care of ourselves. The passage of time and genetic conditioning are very important. However, nowadays, aesthetic medicine and cosmetology give us much more possibilities. It is not only possible to delay the aging processes effectively but also to neutralize their effects. Facial care after the age of 60 is a stage of conscious care of what nature has given us and what has been worked out over the last decades. There are many new methods of taking care of body and face skin, more and better equipped beauty salons, innovative devices, more and more effective treatments and cosmetic preparations. Now, thanks to a wide range of tools and possibilities, we can take care of the skin, regardless of age. So let’s be young as long as it is possible!

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The condition of the skin after the age of 50 depends on how we took care of it in previous years. If you carefully and appropriately took care of your beauty, you can look even as a 40-year-old woman. However, take into account that this appearance does not mean that time for you suddenly stopped. It just slowed down a bit. Natural aging processes happen in the skin anyway. However, at the well-groomed women their effects are less visible. If your face care should be effective after fifties, you must be aware of what’s happening with your skin.

After fifties, the skin aging process intensifies. We may notice less activity of sebaceous and sweat glands, so the skin is dry. The capacity of the cardiovascular system decreases as well. The transport function is not fulfilled as in the younger age, so that the skin becomes less nourished, moisturized and oxygenated. The complexion is usually pale or sallow, and the skin is thin, slim and not elastic. Often it is compared to thin paper, which, unlike thick cardboard, is easy to crush and destroy. Thin skin after the age of 50 is more susceptible to wrinkles and external damages, such as sun-related discoloration. The latter also conduces to a significant decrease in the production of melanin, a pigment that is a natural protection from the sun.

Now let’s answer the question on how to take care of skin after fifties. Read some of our advice:

  • Apply LIFTING and MODELING face contour creams. Fantastic rejuvenating effects have cosmetics containing retinol (vitamin A), coenzyme Q10 or ginseng extract.DRINK WATER. It will not only moisturize your skin, but will also remove unnecessary toxins.Try to use CONCENTRATED vitamin preparations and oxygenate skin regularly. At this age, the skin demands a “strong blow”. You can choose to have a few weeks of treatment with pure retinol or high-concentrated vitamin C. Weaker preparations such as vitamin or based on plant extracts serum can be used daily. Serum should always be applied prior the night cream.
  • DO NOT SUNBATHE your face, sun rays accelerate skin aging process. During holidays, resign from exposing your body to the sun. Before sun bath use creams with a high filter for the whole body and for face even several times a day.
  • Remember about SUNGLASSES in sunny days.Creams that are STRONGLY EXFOLIATING (with high retinol content) use alternately with regenerating creams (e.g. with stem cells). Thanks to them, the outer layer of the epidermis will rebuild faster. Remember that with intense retinoid treatments, it is necessary to protect your face from the sun with a special filter cream of SPF 50.
  • Remember to use PEELING regularly, which will unblock the pores. Therefore, creams and other cosmetic preparations are better absorbed by the skin. Because of the thinness and delicacy of the skin resign from mechanical peelings (especially coarse-grained) and use enzyme ones that have a milder effect.
  • DREAM. During sleep, the body regenerates the fastest, and for the good appearance at least 7 hours of sleep per day is a mandatory dose.Try as much as possible to LUBRICATE your skin. It is very important to protect it from the external environment because your natural lipid layer is no longer sufficient. To lubricate your skin natural oils are worth using: arganic, coconut or almond.
  • Quit SMOKING! It is not healthy for your body and skin.
  • Do not give up PHYSICAL ACTIVITY. Walking, cycling, nordic walking or swimming are perfect forms of movement for women at your age. Every form of physical activity is a great way to stimulate the circulation and thus better nourish and oxygenate the body cells. Your skin like any other organ gains a lot from it.
  • Contemporary cosmetology and modern technology give us many opportunities to take care of our complexion at every age. Dr Legrand Clinic offers a selection of the most effective treatments thanks to which you will stop the time.Non-invasive laser face lifting with Q-Switch technology is an effective and durable rejuvenating and skin rebuilding treatment. The use of the Harmony ClearLift medical laser brings effects similar to strong chemical peeling or laser resurfacing, but does not entail long recovery or pain. The immediate lifting effect is the result of the ultra-short laser pulse in the deep layers of the skin where micro collagen stimulates the natural production of collagen and fibroblasts. As a result, the skin rebuilds and smoothes while the epidermis remains intact. Low invasiveness, thanks to state-of-the-art technology, makes the treatment safe even for people with sensitive skin and naturally delicate areas – around the eyes, hands and neck. Photorejuvenation laser is effective after the first treatment – the skin becomes smooth, radiant and more elastic. A series of 3-4 treatments will help to remodel the skin and get the most satisfying results.

More information about the treatment:

  • Laser Harmony XL PRO iPIXEL (Er-YAG) is an innovative device used for rejuvenation treatment, which results in a visible skin rejuvenation, wrinkles reduction and facelift. Thanks to the revolutionary Pixel technology, the treatment with the use of erbium-yag laser can be safely performed even in the most delicate areas such as the neck, neckline, hands or skin around eyes.

More information about the treatment:

  • The elegant and sophisticated combination of 22-carat gold with caviar meets the highest expectations for mature, dehydrated and demanding skin. An exclusive ritual with a strong anti-wrinkle and nutritional effect is enriched with a gold meridian massage and a relaxing massage ensuring deep relaxation and tranquility.

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