About clinic

Dr Legrand – aesthetic clinic

This is a unique medical facility offering a wide range of treatments for men and women with different needs and health problems. Our mission is to provide comprehensive care to patients at every stage of the treatment. From the problem diagnosis, taking into account a whole range of different factors, through the therapy to the maintenance of its effects and further prevention – our eminent specialists constantly watch over the health and well-being of our patients.

Our team

Our team consists of dermatologists with many years of experience and cosmetologists. They are characterized by their attention to in-depth and comprehensive diagnosis and individual approach in planning treatment for each patient, as well as the willingness to help and to answer any questions or to resolve doubts.

Friendly atmosphere

We are a clinic different from others. It is reflected not only in the holistic approach to our patients’ health problems, but also in the atmosphere that you may experience in our clinic. In the heart of Cracow we have created a friendly place, full of warmth and tranquility. Inspired by Venice sophisticated interiors, freshly brewed coffee and the soothing green of the Vistula boulevards allow you to feel special.